Automated Robotic Auto-Sensing Car Charger


This Auto-Sensing Car Charger has robotic arms from the future that will magically sense and safely secure your phone!

It's a portable charger that allows you to wirelessly recharge your phone without the hassle of wires, cords, or cables, and with robotic automation!

Proof we live in the future! Not to mention your friends will lose their minds when they see you use this thing.

Compatible with a wide range of phones and features a built-in auto-detection function that ensures your phone is sucured for maximum charging!

Just lightly press the sensor on the back at the top and like magic this charger will open up its arms to gently release your Phone when you need it!

Completely eliminates the need for charging wires.

Hands-free design allows you to use your smartphone while it charges in the car, which of course we assume you will always do safely and only when parked!

  • Instructions:
    1. Scan the QR code and download the iPark APP.
    2. Turn on Bluetooth, the charger will automatically connect after it's powered on. (If you are connected to another Bluetooth product, please disconnect first).
    3. When the car is turned off, the charger will even mark the parking position automatically and push it to the iPark APP!

    Open the APP, and click "Take me to find car".

  • 5). Next time, when your Bluetooth is turned on, the wireless car charger will connect to your mobile phone automatically!

    We won't lie, the plastic on this one feels a little cheap, but the effect is just so so cool, so just be gentle with it when you use it and you should be fine.


    • Specifications: 

  • Input voltage and current: 12-24V/5A, 5V/2A
  • Output voltage and current: 9V/2A
  • Output Power: 10w
  • Use for: Mobile phones
  • Demension:100mm
  • Weight:110g
  • Colors: Silver
  • Charging distance:6mm
  • Charging method: One-to-one
  • Working wattage:10w
  • Input:9V/1.35A 5V/1.5A
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