Dragon Wall Sculpture


Tell your friends the tale of when you first laid eyes upon the formidable beast when you were crossing the Great Plains of Artovia.

It was there just beyond the edge of the realms at the divide, down inside the ravine, that you first glimpsed a curl of smoke and a whisper of orange light glimmering from inside the cave.

Hideous tooth and claw were no match for your steel. He didn’t stand a chance! Your vorpal blade went snikersnak! And at once the beast was finished! And so you took this beautiful scaly prize and had him mounted just there in your game room, for all of the kingdoms of Harthoria to bear witness to your power and glory. All hail the Dragon Slayer!

Stun your friends with this completely insane Dragon Head Mount Trophy! This is one piece of fantasy artwork that all your friends will notice and it’s most definitely a great conversation piece or the perfect icebreaker!

As if having the head of a dragon mounted in your living room or bedroom isn’t cool enough, it actually breathes smoke and fire!

Crafted from durable latex skin and foam filling, making it perfect for hanging on a wall, the included fog machine and LED light create an incredibly realistic effect, giving your Legendary Dragon Mount the ability to blow "smoke and fire." Whether you're looking to add a touch of mystery to your décor or simply want to impress your guests, this piece is perfect to surprise your friends with a bit of fun no matter who you are.

And if you play D&D or Magic the Gathering this is also the perfect addition to your game room!


Product Specifications:

Power Supply: 2 X AA batteries (Not included)


Package Includes:

1 x Dragon Trophy Light and Fog Machine

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