Endoscope Otoscope Earwax Removal Kit

  • The Endoscope Otoscope Earwax Removal Kit is the perfect earwax removal tool! It has a cleaning camera with an HD ultra-clear view that allows you to easily locate ear wax and remove it! The small size of the camera allows easy entry to the ear canal to examine the eardrum.

  • It can also take pictures and record videos on your device through the app! This means you can easily save photos and videos, and send them to your doctor for a quick and easy professional consultation! There are 6 LED lights with adjustable light levels for clearer and more realistic images! The soft silicone material also protects your ears from getting hurt!

  • Compatible with Android, MacBook, and Windows PC.
  • Android 4.5+ devices (support OTG & UVC function), USB-A, Micro-USB, and USB-C supported.
  • Not for use with iPhones or iPads. 

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