Zen Drum

  • Our Zen Drum is a professional instrument for musicians who want to specialize in playing hand drums. It is a handcrafted instrument from the steel tongue drum family. It can be played with one hand or two hands together.
  • You can play with single notes, combine them, and create simple or complex rhythms.  The possibilities are endless and the sounds are unique and fascinating. Everything will sound just perfect because the Zen Drum doesn't have any false notes.
  • You can use our Zen Drum while you're camping, doing yoga, meditating, for music therapy, or for kids' music enlightenment. It's very easy to learn that anyone can use the drum - musicians, amateurs, orchestras, even kids! 

  • Note for playing - The hang drum excites the entire cavity through the vibration of the tongue. Whether you are playing by hand or the drumstick, you need to control the strength, not excessive force or lightness. When playing with drumsticks, please play with appropriate force and avoid rough operation.

  • Specification:

    Size: other
  • Name: SteelTongueDrum
  • Material: steel titanium alloy
  • Color:black/red/green/yellow
  • Combo Set Offered: other
  • Single package size: 25X25X20 cm
  • Single gross weight:1.120 kg
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