Heavy Duty Training Fitness Mini Bands

Product Description

Heavy-duty training fitness mini band logo customized printed resistance bands loop exercise bands
Material: 100% Natural Latex
Color: Customized
Size: 600*50*0.35/0.5/0.7/0.9/1.1mm
Packaging: Carry bag


Our portable exercise bands weigh only 7 ounces and are light enough for men and women to tote in a backpack, gym bag or their own carry bag during yoga, Pilates, physical therapy or any fitness workout. An essential element of your home workout equipment that you can take with you wherever you travel Our heavy duty resistance loop bands come in a set of 5 bands-light Medium, Medium-heavy, Heavy, and Extra-heavy. Each elastic band is colour-coded and labelled based on the tension level it provides. Start with one or two Light or Medium loop bands and move up to Medium-heavy Heavy to Extra-heavy for a greater workout challenge。



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