RC Wall Climbing Car w Dazzling Headlights



The RC Rotating Climbing Stunt Car makes it easy to add a little excitement to your backyard!

This electric wall-climbing car has special technology, that allows you to actually drive on walls and even the ceiling!

The remote control allows for easy maneuverability and crazy stunts!

Novel-design and Two Modes

The Remote Control Wall Climbing Car has a white protection strip and air suction set that forms a vacuum space to climb walls, you can even do 360 spins! This strong absorption force makes the car drive fast on walls and even glass!

Brings endless fun and excitement to your kids, enriching your leisure time.

Wall Mode

Special vacuum feature design allows the car to drive vertically on all smooth surfaces, like walls, ceilings, windows, floors, and even mirrors without ruining the surface. A shockproof and lightweight body also ensures it won't break if it falls from the ceiling or wall.


Floor Mode 

Unlike regular floor racing cars, this remote control car moves faster than all ordinary race cars and can do crazy fast 360 stunts!


1. Use on smooth, clean surfaces only.

2. Turn off the car before charging.

3. To preserve the battery, don't overcharge the car. The best charging time is 40-50 Minutes.

4. Please only use the provided USB charging cable to charge the car.

5. Please remove the batteries from the remote controller if not in use for long periods of time.

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