Thermal Infrared Rechargeable Heated Vest


Our Thermal Infrared Rechargeable Heated Vest keeps you warm in cold weather conditions and is easy to carry! It has 2 heating panels that are perfect for relieving the aches and pains associated with arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and other ailments, and helps promote blood circulation! Staying warm shouldn't mean sacrificing comfort! You get the best of both worlds with our heat vest because it provides infrared heating in two areas to give you instant warmth where you need it most! 
This vest will give you all of the warmth of a conventional heating pad, but without the bulk of messy wires! Perfect for outdoor activities such as snowmobiling, motorcycling, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, and hunting! It is also the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents! 




Rating voltage: DC/5.0V
Rating power: 8±1W
Temperature level: H 50±3℃, M 40±3℃, L 35±3℃.

How to use

1. Connect with your power bank, turn on, LED flash: RED BLUE GREEN, and stop at RED. The heater starts to work from a High level.

2. During the heater working, press the silicon button to select the temperature.

3. Turn off the heater: press the silicon button for 3 seconds, LED off, and the heater turns off.


The heated vest USB plug is in the inner pocket, Plug it with a power bank USB port (a Power bank is not included in this SKU).

Only 2.0A or above 2.0A output current can be used for the products.

This heated vest will be auto-off after 3 hours of working with a timer function.

Please note: This far infrared heated vest does not come with a power bank. If you need one, we can introduce a suitable one for you on Amazon(20000mAH 2.1A).


1>Power bank is not included.

2>Don't put on the heated vest without any underwear.

3>This is a free-size (S~XL) and adjustable design for men and women with a weight of 40-80kg.

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